Our Purpose

Faith. Courage. Guidance. Caring. Perseverance.

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Why Mentor

Youth need positive role models who they can engage with and who offer guidance.



Your talents and skills will be put to use in helping these children become well-rounded individuals.

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About Integrity Mentors

opportunities to succeed

Integrity Mentors (iM) believes every child should have opportunities to succeed. Our leadership is faith-based, believing that together, everyone can do his or her part to ensure this happens. We have a proven history of helping children recognize their true potential, placing an emphasis on doing what is right, what is just, and what is required to become a leader.

TBN Appearance

goal is to produce

Joy In Our Town is an FCC-mandated Biblical worldview program that examines a wide range of issues affecting people in our local community.  TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) appreciates the community's involvement and contribution to Joy In Our Town. The goal is to produce a program that sparks interest and informs viewers.

Integrity Mentors Benefits

everyone involved is positively impacted

Mentoring Boys & Girls

Providing tools, resources and people who will help teens and parents grow and become leaders.

Monthly "Rap" Sessions

Our goal is to create a safe space for everyone to get involved in the discussion.

Activities/Field Trips

Taking youth outside of their box to expand their vision and possibilities.


Equips youth with the ability to deal with challenges, build their integrity, and handle obstacles that threaten their future.

Life Lessons

Learning about money and how to properly manage it in the real world as life throws you a few curve balls along the way.

Social Responsibility

Teaches youth to feel and think compassionately about other people and to understand the importance of giving back.


exposing kids to diverse activities

Our Leaders

men and women who care enough to lead

Lawrence Marshall

Lawrence Marshall

Founder and Executive Director

Antonio Holloway, Integrity Mentors

Antonio Holloway

Assistant Director

Janine Mixon, Integrity Mentors

Janine Johns

Marketing and Brand Management

Our Partners

great organizations that support and share our vision


Family Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know that I’m so proud of you for the work that you are doing. Jordan, my nephew had a great time and this is such a priceless opportunity for him. He’s slowly coming around!!! Keep up the good work because it is so needed. You are making a very positive impression on him and we are most grateful!!!

Vickie M.
Vickie M.

I’m glad that you started a program for these young men. Teaching skills and talking amongst each other seems to be what those boys need. Even though my brother didn’t want to go, I talked to him and he enjoyed himself–smile. Hopefully, he will want to join you guys for more meetings.

Dianca M.
Dianca M.

I’m very interested. I love the line of that quote: “Save the boys.” That hit a chord. A real sore spot with me. Our society builds up the girls at the expense of the boys sometimes, in my opinion, and I get weary of it. I grew up loving history and reading about heroes and heroic exploits, and it seems that today that has gone away somewhat. Our culture has become a lot more “feminized”. Some of that is good and long overdue, some of it not so good. When we don’t show boys a goal, then when the boys grow up, they become absent fathers and directionless. Even if they are present in the household, they can still be absent.

John P.
John P.

I would just like to give a huge thanks to Lawrence Marshall and everyone who had anything to do with making my experience at every session the most fun I've ever had. Even when we were doing something that wasn't that exciting, the iM team made it fun. Also, this program has helped me in so many ways. Before the program, I was shy and never really stepped out of my box. I didn't like to meet new people, but at the iM sessions they push you to overcome any shyness that you may have and they constantly bring you out of your box. It’s just the best mentoring program in the world and I can't thank you enough Mr. Lawrence for allowing me to be a part of your program. I will carry everything that I've learned with me throughout the rest of my life. Thank you so much guys.

Shurkorian H.
Shurkorian H.

I want to say thank you to the mentors at Integrity Mentor's, the guys are awesome. Any man that would give up his day to spend with boys, that aren't his own, is a man after God's own heart! I'm so thankful for the owner Lawrence and his gang. Integrity Mentors will have a special table at my cafe!

Latina D.
Latina D.

I salute iM for being a Driving force in my son's life: in the right direction, right goals, right fellowship and "followship"; as to how many times does life have its crooked path, swaying notions, drawing forces, always lurking to pull youth away from productivity and luring into destruction. Usually, no one is there to be the detour sign; to say, you have a choice- don't choose to believe the hype of the stereotype of what THEY want you to be. iM says to my son, choose to be the man you are destined to be, equipping him with the tools he needs.

Aneshia O.
Aneshia O.

Events & Activities

growth sessions and fun times

Image event

4th Annual Holiday Party

Integrity Mentors

(December – actual day not determined) iM will be hosting our 4th Annual Holiday Party in December. Let’s take some time to celebrate our volunteers and 2017 accomplishments. This will be an adult only event, so reserve a babysitter now. There will be games and of course, an “Ugly Sweater Contest“, which is optional. The 1st Place…

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