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What do you have to lose?

We have several ways for you to be involved. Your talents and skills will be put to great use in helping these children become well-rounded individuals. With a little time and dedication to a worthy cause, you will not only enrich the lives of the children but your role as well. Click here for a list of volunteer opportunities and expectations.

1. Being A Mentor

Being a mentor helps you give back to the community and helps bring structure to a child’s life in a positive way.

2. Local Business Support

We partner with corporate organizations that realize the importance of building a strong foundation for children.

3. High Schools

High schools are integral to our success. They benefit from our coaching and guidance and work with us to keep our participants on the right track.

4. Church & Community

Church and community partnerships are the building blocks of our efforts. These organizations make it possible to keep going, growing, and enriching the lives of children.

5. Share Your Resources

You can help us make a difference through volunteering opportunities, marketing, charitable giving, advocacy and other essential roles needed to support our platform.

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