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You are comfortable with one-on-one interaction and conversations. You are consistent, responsible, compassionate and feel led to share both your experiences and guidance with youth. You model integrity and want to make the maximum impact in the life of a young person through our mentorship program.

  • Time commitment: You are required to attend the monthly mentor sessions. Additionally, reach out to your mentee at least twice (2X) a month; one (1) phone call and one (1) in-person visit. Examples of approved outings may include a bike ride, visiting your mentee at their school for lunch, or a museum visit. You and your mentee’s parent/guardian will determine the time, location, and frequency of your visits.
  • Financial commitment: Any funds required for your outings (i.e. museum tickets, gasoline for your personal vehicle, meals, etc.).
  • Note: A background check is required. We ask that you reconsider accepting this role if; you are planning to move out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in the near future, you will have work schedule changes that will prohibit you from meeting with a mentee regularly or are expecting a life change that may impact your commitment level.

Saturday Champion/Activity Chaperone

You will assist with, and facilitate iM’s Saturday sessions that occur once a month. You are firm but caring and love interacting with youth in medium to large groups. You know the importance of balance – just the right amount of discipline and fun. You enjoy team environments and work well with other adults.

  • Time commitment: One Saturday a month for 4-5 hours. Schedules are predetermined and distributed in advance.
  • Financial commitment: None
  • Note: A background check is required. Saturday sessions may include: discussions, activities, and speakers in multiple locations.


A natural creator, you enjoy writing, photography, and/or crafting e-newsletters and announcements. You are comfortable with email and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As you’re reading this, you are already thinking about a new and interesting way to reach youth and their families in a meaningful way.

  • Time commitment: Varies depending on role.
  • Financial commitment: None
  • Note: Access to a working computer and internet connection is required for this role.


You are a detail-oriented person who possesses the ability to learn new tasks quickly. You are organized, a problem solver and communicator. In this role, you would follow existing guidelines to flag income and expenses using the accounting system. We are looking for a person who is familiar with QuickBooks or interested in learning on the job.

  • Time commitment: Routine meetings with Executive Director (via call or in-person).
  • Skills Preferred: QuickBooks, Accounting, and Microsoft Office Suite.

Curriculum Development

A natural educator, you have the unique ability to present topics in a structured way and make them easy to understand. You are in tune with youth issues and know how to engage them. In this role, you will help develop the content of the youth curriculum used for the monthly sessions.

  • Time commitment: Monthly deadline (not required to attend monthly sessions)
  • Financial commitment: None.
  • Note: Access to a working computer and internet connection is required for this role. Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office. Will collaborate with the Program Coordinators on the content.


You are organized and know the importance of meeting deadlines. You are a natural problem solver but aren’t afraid to ask questions to gain clarity. In this role, you may assist with volunteer/mentee on-boarding and program evaluation.

  • Time commitment: Varies depending on role.
  • Financial commitment: None.
  • Note: A background check may be required if the role requires handling personal information. This role requires a working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (i.e. Excel, PowerPoint, Word).


You are the passionate person who is committed to the cause and knows how to inspire others to support it. You are strategic and a good communicator. In this role, you would come up with ideas to raise money for the organization and help plan those events.

  • Time commitment: Routine meetings with the team (via call or in-person).
  • Financial commitment: None.

Event Planning

A creative, detail-oriented person who likes to ensure others have a good time while supporting a cause. In this role, you would help create signature events for iM.

  • Time commitment: Routine meetings with the team (via call or in-person).
  • Financial commitment: None.

Financial Donor/Change Champion

You are led to support the organization with your financial gifts. You are knowledgeable about the organization and know that your dollars will go directly towards iM activities, meals, transportation and the overall advancement of the youth that we serve. You can give a one-time gift, a monthly/reoccurring pledge, or an annual donation.

  • Time commitment: None.
  • Financial commitment: As the spirit leads.
  • Note: All funds are tax deductible. Every dollar counts.

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