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Diverse activities

taking youth outside the box to expand their vision

We provide activities that expose the kids to a different way of life. They engage in activities like canoeing, archery, airplane rides, horseback riding, and other things that will show them another side of a life they may not be used to prior to being involved in the program.

Expanding Youth’s Access To Opportunities

“ Young adults who had mentors, particularly those at-risk, are more likely to report engaging in productive and beneficial activities than youth without a mentor. These activities translate into the higher self-esteem and self-confidence that are necessary traits for youth to engage in teamwork and community work, and to be successful in life. “

The Mentoring Effect:
Young People’s Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring – by Civic Enterprises in association with Hart Research Associates, January 2014


Young adults who had formal mentoring relationships found these experiences to be “helpful,” including more than half (51%) who found the relationship to be “very helpful” in creating positive change in their lives.

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