The Mentee Experience

The Journey

Our approach in molding youth to become leaders

We engage our mentees in monthly group "Rap" Sessions to address home, school and general social challenges. Our role is to expose them to unique places, activities, and experiences to broaden their perspective and open doors for a successful future. We strive to properly equip them with the tools and resources that work to instill confidence, help build better relationships, learn to make responsible decisions, improve in school, set goals and aspirations, and put in the work to achieve them.

1. Leadership

The Leadership module equips youth with the ability to deal with difficult challenges, decisions that endanger their integrity, and obstacles that threaten their future. Some topics discussed in the sessions related to leadership include: a) Self-Esteem,  b) Be a Leader, Not a Follower,  c) Anger Management & Conflict Resolution, and  d) Watch Your Words.

2. Life Lessons

The Life Lessons module helps youth understand how to carry themselves (their public perception), the value in taking care of their physical health, and how to make wise decisions about their future. We also focus on how to handle social interaction with others and authority figures. Some topics discussed in the sessions related to life lessons include: a) Personal Hygiene/Etiquette,  b) The Law & Your Community,  c) Healthy Relationships, and  d) Life Beyond High School.  

3. Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility module teaches youth to feel and think compassionately about other people and to understand the importance of giving back to the community. Some topics discussed in the sessions related to social responsibility include: a) Respect for Others,  b) Community Service, and  c) Cultural Awareness.

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