Integrity Mentors

Our Founder

Lawrence Marshall

founder & executive director

Lawrence Marshall was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, the only son of Lawrence and Carol Marshall. His parents divorced when he was 3 years old. After the separation, he and his family relocated from city to city before settling down in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Although growing up without a father figure his entire life, Lawrence was influenced by his mother and a mentor to stray away from the gang and drug influences in their neighborhood. He was inspired to further his education at Langston University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology. Soon after graduation, he relocated to Aurora, Colorado where he accepted a job as a Design Engineer in the Telecommunications industry. His desire to get involved in the community led him to serve as a volunteer with the CABPES (Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists) program. There, he partnered with instructors and community leaders to help introduce urban youth to the importance of science and engineering.
During his time with CABPES, his passion to mentor youth transformed into a way of life. In his heart, the needs of urban youth were not being addressed, particularly youth being raised in single parent homes. Lawrence moved to Dallas in 2000 and became an active volunteer in various youth programs and activities in the church. Still feeling there was a gap with the mentoring programs being offered and their impact, Lawrence branched out on his own to establish a Christian non-profit mentoring program in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex that would cater to at-risk youth.

Lawrence married the woman of his dreams in September 2006. They have three children together, Kylie, Jaden and Ramon. Both Lawrence and his wife share a passion for mentoring youth and volunteering in the community.

A word from our founder

“Integrity Mentors is more than just a ‘program’. We’re a faith-based platform that holistically develops today’s youth while giving parents an outlet to become the leaders their children need.”

Lawrence Marshall